Vibrant Life HCG

The HCG Diet presented by Vibrant Life HCG is unique in many ways. See below the food list, in categories of allowable drinks, fruits, vegetables, proteins, starches and free foods. This particular HCG Diet has been enhanced to include more foods than any other with a FREE HCG Diet Recipe eBook, available to use and make this HCG Diet fun and delicious. Choose from over 80 recipes all designed to help you lose weight, feel great and have fun.

10-Day Spring Cleanse & Detox

Beginning April 22, enjoy a guided 10-day cleanse.
Did you know that most spring-time allergies is due to the toxic build-up in your body from the heavy winter foods and then this shift in temperature?
This is NOT a fast or a juice cleanse. We will be eating real food that is absolutely delicious, in-season and organic. Our menu is designed to work directly with your specific body type to give you the nutrients and proper energy that you need to gain the most from this program

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