This is the make it or break it part of health and if you have not heard much about it, listen up because this alone could change your life. I am crazy passionate about this topic, along with many others, and you will see reference to this all over my posts and comments. I want to start with explaining the concept, then get into a few details to help you out.

The pH range goes from 1 – 14, 1 = pure acid that could burn a hole in metal, 14 = pure alkaline. The blood must fall within a small range of 7.34 – 7.36, just as your body must keep the temperature of 98.6 degrees. If you vary slightly off of that pH range, your inner environment becomes imbalanced and allows illness and disease to develop; if you vary enough, your body shuts down and you die instantly.

Beyond the stat counts of cholesterol, calories, fat and sugars that you get from traditional doctors, whose statistics, by the way will make you nauseous to hear. Here are a couple that are disturbing; one out of two people, yes 50% of Americans will die of heart disease related illness and of the remaining, one of three (33.33%) will die of cancer. So, beyond those worries that doctors have you freaked out about, the one count that is more important and will control the rest is the level of the pH of your blood and tissues – how acidic or alkaline you are. Of course different areas of your body have different pH levels, but your blood, the river of life in your body is the most telling.

The pH level of our blood and internal fluids affects every single cell in the body and with trillions of cells, that is a major factor. You metabolic system relies on an alkaline environment to function properly. Overacidity will result in break down of tissue, interruption of cellular activity including the beating of your heart and neural connections of your brain. Here’s the part that kicks most in the ass, overacidity is what keeps you FAT. Here is a brief explanation of this fact:

To keep this delicate balance, the body must neutralize acidity by using alkaline reserves and hydration (water). When we continue to use these resources over and over by eating high acidity foods like starches, sugars, animal protein in excess, sodas, alcohol, coffees, etc. the alkaline reserves become depleted and your body also becomes dehydrated. In order to protect the organs and arteries from the acidity, your body is smart and stores these acids in your fat. Unless you rebalance your biochemistry and remove acidity, increase your alkalinity and hydrate your body (all of these must be done), your body will hold onto and store more fat as protection, creating the obesity epidemic.

Guess what HCG drops and the HCG diet program offers that no other program does? Alkalinity for one and hydration for another. I recommend that clients and dieters using Vibrant Life HCG drops drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day and now that I am understanding even more, I say drink 4 liters per day, alkaline water is always best. This will allow your body the opportunity to detox and rid the acidity when the HCG triggers the mobilization of stored fat. Creating the proper resources for neutralizing the acid is vital. When you create a healthy environment by eating correctly, lots of vegetables, little animal protein and a little fruit; you create alkaline reserves and allow your body to find balance and create it’s own health.

The HCG drops are a great start to changing the overall health of your body and after you lose weight with the program, continuing to eat a highly alkaline diet will help you remain at your ideal weight, remain in complete balance and find optimal health.