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Vitality Plus


  • Replenishes energy reserves
  • Strengthens physical vitality, endurance and stamina
  • Improves mental vitality, focus and sustained mental discipline
  • Promotes emotional vitality, stability and security
  • Supporting herbs improve heart, brain and muscle stamina
  • Liquid drops offer the fastest absorption and immediate use in the body
  • Unlike other brands, 360 drops do NOT use alcohol, an acid forming and toxic ingredient
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Product Description

Vitality Plus 360

Ancient cultures around the world used herbs to replenish their energy reserves. These are the herbs that Vitality Plus 360 has in this special formula for improving energy, endurance and longevity.

Vitality Plus 360 is a daily use tonic for strengthening overall energy and vitality reserves that often begin to diminish as we get older. Vitality Plus 360 helps to rebuild physical vitality reserves of physical strength, endurance and stamina; mental vitality reserves of mental focus and sustained mental discipline; and emotional vitality reserves of emotional strength, stability, and security.

Ginseng has been revered in the Orient for many centuries for its properties of effectively promoting health and longevity in the mature years. Four different ginseng herbs are used in this formula to take advantage of their vitality-enhancing qualities, as well as adding specific supports to the heart, brain and overall stamina through the other herbs used in this formula. Recover the energy of youth with the added bonus of stamina and wisdom of the ages with Vitality Plus 360.


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