DON’T DO IT! Now that I got that out of my system, you’re probably wondering, “what happens if I do cheat on the diet? Did I ruin the entire diet? Do I have to start all over from the beginning? Should I just quit? Maybe this isn’t for me?” Or you may have an event, special dinner or family obligation that you just know will be a situation that you will eat off the of the diet and so the same questions as above may be on your mind.

Chill out a little and listen up, this will help you with all of the self-guilt and frustration that you will no doubt experience when you do decide that you are going to give in and cheat. First off, cheating is simply eating foods off of the HCG Diet Food List. Here is what usually happens: you see something that you miss eating and love; or you are in a position where you were not prepared (see my post on preparation to success on the HCG Diet [insert link then remove]). You are overwhelmed and decide to give in and indulge in the moment. Immediately you will feel guilty for doing so and ask yourself one of the questions above and freak out.

My advice is to chill out, recognize that you made a bad decision and move on from it. Here are the answers to some of what may be going on in your head.

Q: What will happen to my results?

A: You may stall for 1-3 days, possibly gain up to a pound the next morning or second morning after.

Q: Will this ruin the entire diet and all of my results?

A: It will not ruin the entire diet, but will set you back. The biggest issue is that it will throw your biochemistry off. While your body got used to and was happy releasing fat and eating healthy alkaline foods; intaking poor foods, especially sugars will create some chaos in your system and leave you acidic. Acidity is horrible for losing weight (see my post on acidity [here]).

Q: Do I need to start all over the from the beginning?

A: No, get back on track and within a few days you will start losing again. Drink a ton of water to help flush your system and get your body back in balance.

Q: What can I do to curb my cravings so this doesn’t happen again?

A: Be prepared is number one. Remove all of the bad food choices from your presence at all times. Throw them out, stay away from them and make sure that you always have healthy options that fit the diet. You can also snack on vegetables from the diet list.

Q: I feel like I just can’t commit and stick to it, what should I do?

A: Ask yourself why you’re on the diet in the first place? What is your need to lose weight? Now take that answer and make it bigger. Make it more compelling. Make it more important. Put the answer in your face all the time, whether a picture, note or anything else that will remind you to stay on track. Your reason why will carry you through this if it is compelling (see my post on Creating A Why.

If you can avoid cheating, please do so. If you must or you do, then please follow the above information to get yourself back on track quickly. Remember, drink a ton of water!